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Ignite Your Basketball Journey

Welcome To Igiehon Elite Academy The Nurturing Ground For Basketball Greatness

Embark On An Extraordinary Basketball Training Experience That Will Unlock You or Your Kid’s Full Potential

Elevate Your Expectations

As a parent, you know that settling for anything less than the best is simply not an option.When it comes to basketball training, you seek an academy that goes beyond the ordinary.

Unfortunately, most programs fail to provide elite access and overlook the importance of competing on an international stage. You won't find that here. The Igiehon Elite Academy is here to revolutionize the game.

Where Excellence Happens

Step into the realm of excellence and competence—welcome to Igiehon Elite Academy. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to greatness, we offer young athletes a world-class training experience like no other. Through our meticulously designed training sessions, we empower your kids to sharpen their basketball skills, unleash their athletic prowess, and rise above the competition.

Thrive On A Global Stage

We don’t just train athletes; we cultivate champions. At Igiehon Elite Academy, we challenge our athletes to embrace the thrill of international competition. Each summer, we provide them with the opportunity to showcase their skills on the courts of the United States.

A Holistic Approach

Our training philosophy encompasses more than just mastering the basics. We believe in cultivating a complete basketball skill set. From precision shot-making to explosive strength, flawless footwork to enduring stamina, we leave no stone unturned.

Develop Basketball IQ & Access Film Analysis

At Igiehon Elite Academy, we harness the power of film analysis to foster basketball intelligence. By teaching them to dissect and analyze gameplay, we instill a deeper understanding of the court, enabling better decision-making and strategic play.
Aidan Igiehon | Basketball Academy

Staying Ahead Of The Pack

In a rapidly evolving sport, we refuse to be left behind. Basketball is transforming into a position-less game, and we embrace this change. Following the footsteps of pioneers of the game like Coach K, Gregg Popovich, Željko Obradović, and Erik Spoelstra, we strive to infuse innovation into our training program.
Our Academy places utmost importance on developing versatile skills that adapt to the shifting landscape. Your child will be well-prepared to navigate the court with confidence and thrive in any role.

Created By A Basketball Player For Basketball Players

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Aidan, the Academy’s founder, began his basketball journey as a 12-year boy. His talent, passion, and commitment to excellence led him from Ireland to the USA, where he earned more than 60 college scholarships.
Today, he wishes to apply all the knowledge and expertise earned over the years into an elite academy that guides young athletes toward lasting success.

What You Will Get

For €150 per month, you will gain exclusive access to:

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A Dream Without A Goal, Is Just A Dream

Don’t Just Dream Of Basketball Greatness

Join The Ranks Of Rising Basketball Stars Today

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