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who are we


We are an Academy that offers elite training, training programs and also a pathway to America and other countries around europe.
I will be making a program for each individual player tailored to their position and skillset. This program will consist of things the player will be doing in the academy and also things they can do at home.

When will the training sessions be

Age groups with the academy

What are our goals?

10 full months of elite training

Bigger, Faster Stronger

Higher Basketball IQ Film study with Aidan

After 10 months of Training and studying the game we are ready to compete in America against elite competition.

What Does Your Investment Get You

For €150 per month, you will gain exclusive access to:
Igiehon Elite Academy shirts

Igiehon Elite Academy Clothing Line

We are going to release a clothing line within the academy that will consist of tracksuits, bags, socks, shorts, shirts and much more if the kids OR family desire to get more gear.

Trip To The United States

Summer 2024
There will be teams formed from players within the academy to travel to america and compete in AAU tournaments. These games will be high level games.
This is why it’s important that we must train hard and smart for the next 10-11 months. The Goal is to put our athletes in a position to be seen by scouts.

What going to America did for me

We want your Athletes to become Professionals

Academics is an important piece to getting into college and playing college basketball.
Basketball and academics goes hand in hand.
Igiehon Elite Academy will also be partnering with Innumeris to help your child to further transition into school at the next level, if needed. Innumeris Provides academic support for student athletes wishing pursue university opportunities.

Innumeris Education Academic Support

What Do We Do?

Why Innumeris?

What Innumeris has achieved so far

When will the Academy Begin

Second Week of August. Sign up through website.

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